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Alternative Service Concepts, LLC (ASC) is the third-party administrator (TPA) alternative to traditional claims management. As a workers' compensation and property and casualty third- party administrator, we specialize in customized, on-site claim units. Our personnel are flexibly structured so that they can be on your payroll or ours.

ASC is owned, managed, and operated by life-long claim professionals. Our continued success is the result of consistently applying industry best practices by highly experienced and professional claims adjusters. Our claim adjusters, claim supervisors, and senior management have been exposed to every facet of the workers' compensation and liability claims business and know what it takes to effectively reduce claim costs and save money for customers.


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Insurance Company

Customer is an insurance company serving the needs of a trade association and wanted to set-up an in-house operation, but didn't want to go through the hassle and time commitment of finding and customizing a risk management information system (RMIS). ASC's solution was a fully supported claim solution which allowed the customer to be operational in a shorter timeframe, compared with the year of planning and implementation normally required for an in-house solution. In addition, the customer's operation would be supported the same as an ASC office for a flat fee, rather than every request requiring a new statement of work normally required if the customer purchased or leased their own RMIS.

Customer operated its own in-house, third party administrator (TPA). Their claim system was out of compliance with various EDI mandates, and there was an immediate need for operational restructuring. ASC's solution was to convert the data and staff the operation based on the latest workflow techniques. In addition, ASC staff would operate as the customers TPA staff. This not only solved the problem of replacing the old system, but the new workflows allowed the customer to eliminate two positions.


Customer is an insurance agency which markets a customized property and casualty program for business in seven states. ASC assisted the client by setting up a dedicated unit in the agency to the specifications of the insurance carrier. This resulted in better communication between all the stakeholders.






















For more detailed examples on how workers' compensation and property and casualty third- party administrator ASC has assisted customers, visit our case studies.



"We provide multi-line service to our customers by working together as a team, from start to finish, to be sure the customer is always satisfied and is kept apprised to the status of claims. Upon opening a new claim, we send a personal e-mail to our customers letting them know we have received the claim and provide them the claim number and name of the adjuster handling the claim. Initial phone contact is made both to the customer and to the injured worker, along with initial letters of receipt to both the injured worker and, if pertinent, the medical provider. We encourage our customers and injured workers to contact us with any questions or concerns on a claim. During the life of the claim, we provide expertise by our knowledge of multi-line claims and are always on the look-out to gain new knowledge which can be applied to future claims. In conclusion, we keep the lines of communication open to our customers by providing professional service with a personal touch."

An ASC Dedicated Claim Representative

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