Mississippi Work Comp Bills and Measures Died in Committee

Legislative committees in Mississippi this week killed six (6) workers' compensation measures, including two (2) companion bills that sought to protect funding for the Workers' Compensation Commission by barring the use of assessment revenue for other purposes.

House Bill 731, failed to be brought to a vote by the House Appropriations Committee, the House of Representatives deadline for a bill to receive committee approval. The bill would have created a special fund for assessment revenues collected from insurers and employers, and instructed the state treasurer to disburse the money only for the operation of the commission.  

Senate Bill 2307, failed to pass the Senate Appropriations Committee by the Tuesday (2-5-19) deadline.

Legislative committees also failed to act on House Bill 308 (a bill that would have required a contractor submitting a bid on a public project to show proof of work comp coverage); House Bill 405 (a bill that would have repealed a statute that would exempt a business with five or fewer employees from mandatory work comp coverage); House Bill 631 and Senate Bill 2763 (bills that would have required claims to be dismissed if claimants failed to timely file medical records.)


Source: workcompcentral.com





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