Professional Standards

ASC's Quality and Professional Standards Unit is responsible for the design and implementation of service standards to maintain high quality service and ensure claims move smoothly toward resolution.

ASC recognizes that your specific needs are unique, and our TPA service standards require a basic level of service for all customers. Our basic service level generally far exceeds our customers’ requirements. We supplement these basic standards with additional specifications to ensure the accomplishment of our customer’s risk management goals.

Quality control specialists, with an average of 23 years of industry experience, closely monitor the claims process. They work to improve overall quality of service and ensure a consistent approach to claims handling throughout ASC. These specialists monitor local offices and work with management to facilitate the delivery of quality claims service.

Critical Functions


Benchmarking standards are presented by our account managers during annual customer stewardship meetings.

Processes are in place within ASC to ensure conformity with established procedures. Claims supervisors regularly review procedures for adherence to account guidelines. Additionally, claim files are subject to periodic audit by quality and professional standards personnel and customers.

Compliance with outlined specifications can be incorporated into formal performance standards and guarantees.

"The auditor said she has audited a lot of files in her time and she has never seen files that looked as good as these …ASC adjusters scored 100%!" Associated Builders & Contractors of Tennessee (excess insurance audit)