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ASC provides expertise in evaluation of damages & liability with school experienced personnel. The program can be adapted to the K-12 public schools and school district needs by providing experienced personnel that can write estimates, conduct investigations, evaluate liability & legal issues, as well as manage litigation.  The program can be either a “hands on” program with school personnel completing the majority of the tasks or more of an oversight service that would include management of outside resources to conduct the activities with an oversight of results and expenditures with use of expertise to guide the matters to a proper resolution. This does include oversight and management of litigation.

The experience provided translates into proper application of relevant damage laws, proper use of contributory negligence applications, as well as legal defense applications based on State & Federal statutes and Case decisions.

ASC provides reporting procedures to excess carriers that can be adapted to their specific needs to facilitate handling of large and complex school  claims.

Analysis of policy language and contractual language benefits the customer with regard to proper application of excess policies and the potential to shift liability to other appropriate parties.

Experience with school claims and a knowledge of appropriate Governmental Tort Claims Act immunities for the relevant jurisdiction and its application to schools provides for a proper analysis of liabilities and the application of appropriate defenses in litigation management.

Experience with bullying and sexual abuse cases provides for an analysis and resolution of potential complicated and difficult matters.

View Case Study "School Visitor Slip and Fall"

Our experience with school risk management, and school safety programs, as well as with school, and K-12 claims adjusting has proven to be invaluable for K-12 public schools and school district risk managers and brokers, school safety and school loss control professionals, consultants and risk managers.

Call Alternative Service Concepts, LLC (ASC) at (866) 298-2642, the leader in the school TPA for K-12 public schools and school districts throughout the United States.

With national service capabilities in the continental US, ASC helps schools realize significant cost savings and positive outcomes through effective and efficient claims management in several lines of coverage, including auto liability, property and structural damage, general liability, errors and omissions liability, and workers’ compensation.

Ask about our Dedicated School Claim Adjuster program.

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