Just a note on a recent quarterly claim review we just had with the Plano City attorney on selected claims. I wanted to advise you what a great job the dedicated adjusters did preparing and presenting at the meeting. We had not had a meeting with the City attorney for some years and there was some trepidation on what the expectations might be. The review went great and the dedicated claim adjusters prepared and responded to all questions. The meeting was very quick and without incident. I was very pleased with the outcome and in the preparation of ASC's staff.

This is just another example of why we renewed our contract with ASC this year. We appreciated their hard work. Not just in the general liability area, but in the handling of our workers' compensation claims; our dedicated workers' compensation claim adjuster does a great job for the City and we are glad he is part of the team. I know that all City employees who deal with the ASC team have been treated with respect and have voiced their appreciation on more than one occasion. Job well done ASC!!!

The City of Plano, Texas

I want to let you know that our claim adjuster is absolutely wonderful to work with for work comp claims. She consistently provides exceptional service to our employee who has an ongoing claim.  She is quick to respond to his inquiries and is very helpful in providing information and guidance. It means a lot to us to know that our employee is receiving that level of service, and he is very appreciative of it as well.

Farm Credit Illinois

Such prompt service!

Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG) Member

Your company has been efficient and is always concerned about the best interest of Roberston County and our claims process.

Robertson County, TN

The entire organization, from local staff to senior management, has been a pleasure to work with and is always responsive to our needs - ASC conducts its business with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Oklahoma Rural Water Association

The basic requirement we had when we went self-insured was a local TPA and local legal counsel. This alone would justify self-insurance in that we have the control necessary to deal with the unique problems facing this school district. In first-dollar policies, it is normal for the insurance company to supply their own TPA and legal staff and, considering the challenges facing any outsider to the local court system, this has never worked out for us.

Pike County Schools, Kentucky

I have never had more willing and cooperative assistance from any TPA – the service is splendid.

Alamo Insurance Group

ASC’s documentation of investigations, history of the claim and a plan of action was noted to be thorough and meaningful.

Midwest Employers Casualty Company

It gives me great pleasure to recommend ASC.  Kathy’s ability to build strong, sound, relationships is impeccable, giving her the skills to effectively communicate and follow through in all regards with high quality initiative and work standards.  Her integrity, dedication, and positive ethical values allow her to best represent each company in regard to their policies and standards in the most difficult of situations. Your hands on approach and regular, ongoing feedback is one of the reasons why we retain ASC.

City of Cedar Falls, Iowa

ASC has always been willing to “educate” me and help me understand the claims administration process - they have made the task much easier through their expertise and knowledge of the claims administration system in Illinois. I highly recommend ASC and its employees to anyone considering using their services.

Monroe County, Illinois

Implementing ASC was short and simple and our staff quickly picked up on the administrative tools made available to us.

City of Spokane, Washington

ASC provides exceptional service and excellent cost containment.

Foothill-DeAnza Community College District

Through ASC and my adjuster, my company has a firm handle on injury/illness prevention and education, along with an incredible reduction in the amount of claims, costs and overall expenses.

Newcor, Inc.

The claims handling service experience OSIG receives from ASC is very positive - claims are handled effectively and effeciently allowing OSIG to provide better services to our member schools.

Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG)


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