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Workers' compensation and property and casualty third-party administrator ASC continues to help public entities, private businesses, insurance agencies and brokers, and other organizations realize significant savings through effective and efficient workers' compensation and property and casualty claims administration.

Our Service Delivery Model

First, ASC listens.  Then we customize a workers' compensation or property and casualty claims program from the ground up based on each client’s needs. Clients who have a vested interest in positive outcomes tend to have the most effective claim programs. 

ASC’s service delivery models range from a dedicated unit staffed on-site to claims that are administered from one of our traditional offices, or a combination of both.  The ideal service model will create an intimate relationship between our claim staff and our client’s risk management department. Our clients get to know our claims team.  Even more importantly, our claims team learns everything about our client’s workers' compensation and property and casualty Risk Management program, including return-to-work, safety and loss control, work environment, job description, etc.  Intimate knowledge, coupled with a common set of goals produces excellent outcomes.


Quality-Accurate-TPA Quality

timely-claims administration Timely

quality claims service Service

Excellent workers' compensation and property & liability third-party claims administration is achieved by continually reviewing our operations and procedures—both internally with our staff and externally with our customers—to ensure customer goals and objectives are met. Quality checks and balances are incorporated into each aspect of our functions, including claim audits and supervisory review. Our exclusive TPA “report card” quality control program allows customers to see, at a glance, how each claim is processed and whether essential workflows are being accomplished accurately and timely.

Effective claims management begins with customized workers' compensation and property and casualty claims reporting. We partner with Quality Resource Management (QRM) to provide 24 x 7 claim reporting via phone, fax or internet. QRM enters claims directly into ASC’s claim system.

Additional features offered by ASC include:

  • Dedicated claim reporting phone lines
  • Nurse triage of workers' compensation claims
  • Dispatch of appraisers & adjusters to the accident site.


ASC’s top priority is delivering optimal service that is tailored to the specific and unique needs of each of our clients.  Our personnel and organization reflect our dedication to excellence. Throughout our growth, ASC has continued to adhere to the principle upon which we were founded delivering third-party workers' compensation and property and casualty claims management expertise and customized solutions to our partners.






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ASC's Committment



"If I were to explain how our team works together to provide great customer service I would start with our understanding of what each customer wants. Our team has worked with the same clients for several years and we provide regular communication. We listen to our clients and understand what is unique and important to each person we deal with. We also listen to our employees and work with them to address their needs and discuss how we can fulfill our customer’s expectations. Our team has a level of respect for our company, our clients and for each other. Our colleagues have a good attitude and strive to succeed and help each other when the need arises."

ASC Claim Supervisor, Anthony Grande

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