Dedicated Claims Units


ASC offers an even better claims solution for our customers – dedicated claim units

Dedicated claim units are made up of either a single claims professional or a group of professionals who are assigned exclusively to the management of one specific claims program.  These professionals may either be on your payroll or ours depending on your needs. Their primary goal is to be an effective member of your risk management team.  ASC has established claim units in as little as four (4) days, in the case of an emergency; otherwise, 60 days is an adequate timeframe for establishing a dedicated unit. Whether you are an insurance agency wanting an on-site claims unit, a TPA who needs staffing and system upgrades, or an entity that recognizes the benefits of having workers' compensation and property and casualty claim adjusters commited to your business, ASC has the answer.


Why Dedicated



Flexibility & Value

Customers may choose to have their claims unit housed on-site or close to their workplace. 

Staffing choice enhances ASC’s ability to make valuable contributions, as claim adjusters can also attend staff meetings, work with loss control and safety consultants, and interface directly with parties.  Essentially, these dedicated workers' compensation and property and casualty claim adjusters serve as a true extension of your business and risk management operations and they have a vested interest in the performance of your risk management operation.

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We have defined performance standards for our claim adjusters.

Each workers' compensation and property and casualty claim adjuster is graded (in a report card format) on how well they achieve those standards.  Customers may receive a copy of this report card as well. Our employee incentive program, tied to these report cards, promotes quality performance as claim adjusters are financially rewarded for achieving established program benchmarks. Our senior staff members also regularly conduct on-site audits in order to ensure quality and consistent performance.



We hire only seasoned claim adjusters with a minimum of five (5) years experience. 
We are committed to their continued education within the industry and encourage our claim professionals to remain well informed and up-to-date on new industry developments and trends.



Our no hidden fees pricing strategy demonstrates our commitment to transparency. 
We do not charge by volume of claims, rather our model is flat-fee based on cost-plus.  While we do wish to earn a fair profit for our services, our success is not predicated on redirecting funds to another part of our company.  If we suggest an added service, you can be assured it is an objective recommendation: our vendor partners are reviewed on a regular basis and customers may select other vendors if desired.


Access to Information

ASC customers have access to an online risk management and claims management system

With Riskonnect ClearSight, formerly Marsh ClearSight Enterprise, claims information can be securely accessed at any time from any location.

With ASC and the Riskonnect ClearSight Software Platform, you eliminate the cost and time of implementing your own system solution and you gain a team of system experts to assist with beneficial upgrades and training at no additional cost.

We can also import historical loss information into our system, allowing you to make benchmark comparisons and identify developing trends proactively. 

Lastly, ASC customers can create custom reports with our system that allow more streamlined communication with senior management and other operational groups within your organization.

Other benefits of an ASC dedicated claims unit:

Communication and control

  • Close working relationships
  • Customized program design
  • Measurable results and accountability
  • Experienced staff
  • Cost containment expertise
  • Staff can be internal employees or provided by ASC 


ASC_claim_staff_retention-1.gifDedicated Claim Adjuster Staff Retention Rate
voluntary average since 1/2018

"I really appreciate you and the expertise and professionalism that you bring to the table."

Insurance Carrier for an Oklahoma School System


"This organization listens.  My regional manager and president are accessible and responsive.  They take the time to visit satellite offices.  We are constantly rewarded/lauded for a job well done."

An ASC Dedicated Claim Representative












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