Key Benefits


There are many reasons why dedicated claims units are a best alternative option for managing claims.  Ultimately, it is the relationship you build with your workers' compensation and property and casualty claims adjuster that provides true value.  Because you are part of the hiring process and your claim adjuster(s) works solely on your organization’s claims, dedicated claim adjusters serve as an extension of your internal risk management team. Each claim adjuster has a vested interest in the success of your risk management program.




Better Financial Results

The low fee-per-claim model.
The low fee-per-claim model means most workers' compensation and property and casualty TPAs use additional services in an assembly line method that enhances revenue for them but does not necessarily result in real dollar savings. Our dedicated unit customers realize that the best claim results come from teamwork, and the goal of risk management is not to see how many claims each claim adjuster can handle, but to achieve better results.


Risk Management Assistance

Dedicated claim adjusters can work on other areas of risk management for your company.
In addition to workers' compensation and property and casualty claims administration, the ASC claim adjuster might write a return-to-work program, educate staff on claim reporting, assist loss control, build relationships with doctors and other entities, and more. Because they can be on-site, communication is quick, and you as the risk manager can set their agenda to meet the changing demands of your workers' compensation and property and casualty risk management program.


Transparent Pricing Without Conflict of Interest

Cost Plus pricing.
Our dedicated unit model offers ASC services on a cost plus basis.  Additional services for medical management, investigative services, etc. are available at rates well below those quoted in a fee-per-claim arrangement. ASC is a transparent workers' compensation and property and casualty third-party administrator.


Flexible Programs

A service model that avoids multiple clients.
ASC developed our dedicated unit model to avoid the overloaded, multiple account claim adjuster scenario. Customers find that the cost of having a claim adjuster on-site or nearby is less than the traditional fee-per-claim model because we are able to provide the TPA flexibility for managing your expenses. Savings are realized because customers provide the office space, equipment, supplies, phone, internet service, etc.


Claims Management

A personalized level of service.
Both our dedicated claims units and the traditional claims approach allow ASC claim adjusters to attend your staff meetings, work with your safety professionals, and interface directly with your employees. This personalized level of service produces significant and positive claims results.


Financial Management

Loss funding options.

Customers have the option of using their own bank account or they can have ASC set-up a claims payment account.

ASC partners with Taylor Communications which allows us to outsource check processing and mailing at a fraction of the cost of managing this process on-site. Digital signatures may be used on the checks for authorized personnel. Additionally, linkup printers can be installed on-site to print settlements from blank stock checks. Payments may also be sent via ACH.


Claims Management Confidentiality

Riskonnect ClearSight RMIS.

ASC's claim system by Riskonnect, formerly Marsh ClearSight, contains many robust security features including restricting information based on specific criteria you define and control.  Security features include:

  • Accessing/updating capabilities limited by terminal/operator codes
  • Multilevel access and payment level authority codes
  • Limited access to routines
  • Established levels of authority on reserves, payments, and other transactions
  • Prohibition of payments in excess of authority, on contested claims, and claims with low reserves



"The leadership of this organization puts the employees first, making sure that what is needed to make our jobs better is available. We are treated well so that we will be able to treat our clients as such. The leadership of this company keeps up in the know. They care about their employees."

An ASC Employee

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