Dashboards & Reports

Leveraging Metrics

Alternative Service Concepts (ASC) is pleased to offer our clients customized dashboards from the Riskonnect ClearSight Software Platform, formerly Marsh ClearSight's Enterprise RMIS platform. 


The Riskonnect ClearSight Software Platform delivers easy-to-use interactive dashboards that help monitor key performance measures defined by you. This allows our client to visualize at-a-glance the key activity, and output metrics that matter most to your business: claims accountability.  These consolidated dashboards utilize a variety of high-fidelity graphics to highlight key metrics that drive costs. All data is in real-time and readily available to access on your RMIS homepage. 

WorkCompDashboards_AlternativeServiceConcepts.png              LiabilityDashboards_AlternativeServiceConcepts.png

 Workers' Compensation Dashboard (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)                                          Liability Dashboard (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) 

Metrics are a standard of measurement that serves as an integral component of accountability which is why dashboards were developed. From claim counts, average claim costs, and total incurred to claims report date lag, Riskonnect dashboards help visually monitor compliance and response time.

In order to be successful, dashboards must integrate and distil data easily.  Imagine a collection of interactive widgets that can help illustrate the most important information based on their interactive object search abilities.

Reporting Results

The Riskonnect ClearSight Platform has more than 85 report templates to choose from. These reports can be run from any computer. Additionally, ASC’s Business Systems Group (BSG) will create customized templates that will run automatically through the system generator. These templates can be sent to email addresses, FTP sites, or they may be posted on our customer’s Riskonnect ClearSight page. 

ASC authorized customers can access Riskonnect through a web application. This web application allows authorized users to view dashboard data, claims detail, and generate select reports.

The Riskonnect ClearSight Software Platform provides monthly standard reports, including a loss run report and a check register report. Reports can be transmitted electronically or printed. Electronic loss runs can be transmitted in a variety of formats including: Adobe PDF, Excel, or text. See samples below:

Workers' Compensation Check Register (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)                        Liability Check Register (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)   

workerscompensationcheckregister.jpg   liabilitycheckregister.jpg

Workers' Compensation Loss Run (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)                                  Liability Loss Run (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)   

workerscompensationlossrun.jpg   liabilitylossrun.jpg


These claim reports may be run for any time period and  present snapshots of reserves, outstanding reserves, reserve progression over time (claims comparison), claims paid to date, check registers, pre-approved check register, money management, overall financial position and trends, etc.  By reporting on these and more, the following can be improved:

  • Finances
  • Safety
  • Lag time
  • Vendor efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness

Internal Riskonnect Support

ASC's Business Systems Group, (BSG) helps create customizable reports to your specific requirements. These reports can be made available every month (via email or system login).  Report distribution can be customized by your location structure so that mangers within your organization only see the data for the departments they manage.

ASC also had Riskonnect build custom report templates which allows for data feeds to be transmitted to our customer’s operating systems.  For example, data feeds have been built to run daily, weekly or monthly to supply fresh data to be loaded into other claim and underwriting systems. 



"Working through my own diaries today, I wanted to say thank you for the level of service.  It's great to log in and find recent notes with updates on all of our active claims.  I appreciate it."                 

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