Riskonnect ClearSight



With the Riskonnect ClearSight Software Platform, transactions are processed via personal computer with internet connection. Transactions include review of claims status, financials, dashboard homepage access, report generation, and more.




Claims Processing Simplified



The single platform puts everything you need right at your fingertips by seamlessly integrating people, systems, and claims data from multiple sources.


Automated workflows offer best-practices consistency and efficiency – with built-in flexibility to conform to the way you work.


Advanced reporting and analytics track both individual adjuster performance and overall claims-handling efficiency so you can make sure things move along smoothly.


Riskonnect ClearSight Offers Functionality




Catastrophe definition; attaching multiple LOBs, multiple causes of loss, to a single catastrophe are standard.


Capabilities like calculating and scheduling recurring payments, calculating partial or one-off payments, accommodating multiple pay parties (e.g. garnishments), and combining multiple pending payments for a single client into one disbursement are all standard functions. Other capabilities including check processing. The solution also includes OFAC checking via out-of-the-box integration to a third-party system or service.


Recording and storage of new loss notices (including FROI/SROI) via manual entry, handling of FROI/SROI EDI reporting, and checking for duplicate claims are all standard.


Management monitors claim caseloads on an ongoing basis to ensure they are maintained within client/carrier specifications and/or ASC’s standards.  This is accomplished through ASC’s computer-based efficiency program to ensure adherence to client specifications and ASC’s corporate standards. ASC finds it crucial to monitor caseloads to maintain file quality, staff morale, turnover, and to control leakage.


Capabilities like litigation process tracking, including negotiation details and litigation costs are standard. Other capabilities including creating separate tasks, workflow, diaries, and business rules for litigated cases to allow legal case management are available with configuration, using either simple tools or developer tools, XML manipulation, or a scripting language.

Dashboards & Reporting

Capabilities like standard reporting of claims performance monitoring, including claims handling, and high risk indicators such as fatality, large losses, and fraud; standard reporting of configurable metrics for claims reporting; ad hoc reports; dashboards; and reporting that includes jurisdictional-specific reports and forms are all standard functions. The solution also includes electronic reporting or automated state filings via out-of-the-box integration to a third-party system or service.

Reserves, Recoveries, Subrogation

Creating separate tasks, workflow, diaries, and business rules for subrogated cases, and granular tracking reserves and payments.


Access to a return-to-work plan and important dates can be reviewed. In addition, Riskonnect offers a last day worked (LDW) field and a return-to-work (RTW) field for identification.

Vendor Management

Vendor management functions and capabilities like processing required forms (including 1099s) are standard.


Automated workflow/task generation; generating notes, diaries, and reminders.




"ASC’s documentation of investigations, history of the claim and a plan of action was noted to be thorough and meaningful."

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