Heart, Hypertension & Lung (HHL)

Cardiac health is a concern for public entities.


Specialty Health, LLC has developed an advanced testing program which is saving lives.

Presumption statutes in workers’ compensation laws are designed to compensate police and firefighters who have a circulatory condition related to their employment.  The response to these claims has often been to litigate the compensability.

Public Agency Compensation Trust, Specialty Health and ASC decided that saving lives was more important than finding ways to litigate compensability.  This positive approach to having fewer claims and making adjusters and the employer involved in education is a new approach which is providing positive results.  Register below and get the details of how advanced testing has greatly reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke.



"The entire ASC organization, from local staff to senior management, has been a pleasure to work with and is always responsive to our needs - ASC conducts its business with the utmost professionalism and integrity."

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