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Mitchell's Pharmacy Benefit Management program, formerly PMOA, Inc., is not just a processing center that contracts with pharmacies. Rather, it's a PBM program managed by expert pharmacists with years of experience. They also meet our client needs with a network of nationwide pharmacies, door-to-door delivery and one-on-one service.

Generic medications are mandated and save an average of up to 55% over brand-name medications. In workers' compensation, drug therapy constitute approximately 8% to 15% of paid medical benefits, so it is critical that this expense is monitored closely. Mitchell also offers a “first fill” program and customized formularies to help further reduce cost. Their on-call specialists answer the patient’s questions as needed.

All prescriptions are screened through the Mitchell ScriptAdvisor PBM platform to ensure that:

  • Medications are prescribed only by authorized physicians
  • All prescribed medications are related to the injury
  • Medications adhere to the customized formularies
  • Premature refills or duplicates are not distributed
  • DUR edits check for drug to drug interactions

ScriptAdvisor empowers holistic, data-driven decisions that deliver better outcomes for ASC and our clients.

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  • More than 67,000 pharmacies can be accessed through Mitchell's retail pharmacy program, including full-time pharmacists on staff and on call. 

  • Mitchell's ScriptAdvisor  monitors high-cost claims for any abuse. It’s the ideal program for first-fill services and ongoing maintenance drugs for workers' compensation injuries.

  • Mitchell's flexible network allows for new pharmacies to be added instantaneously.

  • Service center representatives available 365 days a year.

  • Real-time prescription management for fewer phone calls from the pharmacies, online adjudication of claims and built-in bill review.

  • Mitchell's                       wholly-owned mail order facilities operates an in-home delivery program for ASC's clients providing them with the convenience of prescriptions and clinical support from Mitchell's in-house pharmacist and technician staff.

  • 48–hour turnaround as opposed to industry standard of 7 to 10 days.

  • Prompt delivery with no out–of–pocket expenses.

  • Streamlined delivery requires no paperwork from claimant.

  • Any and all necessary medications delivered.

  • Mitchell's ScriptAdvisor  and ASC can help search for a pharmacy by zip code.

  • Use the default mileage or change it to the number of miles you are willing to travel, and the locater will only suggest those pharmacies that are within that distance.    




















Drug Formulary Law Updatesformularies.png

Since state-mandated formulary laws have an impact on stakeholders in workers’ compensation, it is important to know which states have formularies and what those formularies require. Mitchell has developed a state-by-state interactive map  for current and future considerations.


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"Through ASC and my adjuster, my company has a firm handle on injury/illness prevention and education, along with an incredible reduction in the amount of claims, costs and overall expenses."

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