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CareWorks.pngASC's managed care partner CareWorks MCS has direct contracts with over 50 national, regional, and local preferred provider organization (PPO) networks across the US. Their transparency is void of conflict which allows them to provide the best matrix of PPO networks to our customers.

Coventry PPOTo locate a provider in your area, click HERE to review a PPO network from First Health.

In each industry, in each state, and in each locality – CareWorks MCS creates managed care networks based upon research, interviews, recommendations, and more.  ASC and CareWorks MCS also works with employers to build customized provider networks that offer the best medical care for their employees.  Upon first review of our customers medical data, CareWorks MCS will review and analyze all of the historical medical data in order to make recommendations to how the PPO should be set-up.

It is important to look at each individual provider used to ensure the best possible outcome for the injured employee.

Factors Analyzed











  • Access to over 100 networks – Relationships with National, Regional, Local and Specialty (Radiology, Physical Therapy, DME and other Ancillary) networks
  • Flexibility – Networks can be set up by client and by state based upon your utilization
  • Continuous Analysis – Review of results and adjustments made monthly and quarterly
  • Ease of Set Up – One standard EDI bridge to handle all bills, electronically; no manual intervention
  • TAT – “Decreased Turn Around Time” - With access to over 100 networks, they can return most bills in 48-72 hours
  • Increased Penetration – On average CareWorks MCS has increased penetration with clients from 10%-40+% on their existing configurations
  • Increased Savings – Better penetration and more networks will increase overall savings
  • Growth – Every month, new networks are added to PPO Fusion

Zebra PPO Fusion Technology  

CareWorks MCS' technology integrates claims and managed care initiatives into a seamless, transparent environment. Our Internet-based claims management application, Zebra, provides critical information in a virtual environment, making claim decisions black and white.






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